Road Bike


Bikes for the sport of Triathlon with race geometry focused on aerodynamics and energy-conserving rider position.


Single-speed, fixed-gear bikes including track, fixed-gear crit, fixed-gear freestyle, and urban designs.

Performance Road

Road bikes for racing on pavement.

Endurance Road

Road bikes designed for a balance of performance and comfort.

Sport Touring

A light-duty variation on the touring bike with similar geometry in a more performance-oriented style, typically with lighter tubing, and less tire clearance.


Bikes with low-trail geometry (trail <45mm but typically 30-40mm) designed for carrying weight on the front of the bike, typical for randonneur style designs.


Designed to comfortably carry a rider and cargo over long distances on primarily paved surfaces.


Bikes designed for the sport of Cyclocross in which racers are required to ride through technical off-road courses including sand, dirt, grass, and obstacles.


Road bikes designed to handle a variety of rougher surfaces such as dirt and gravel.

Progressive Gravel

Performance-oriented gravel bikes with longer frame proportions that are typically paired with a shorter stem, compact drop bars, or even flat bars.

Off-road Touring

Drop-bar bikes designed to carry touring loads on rough off-road expeditions.


Bikes designed for spirited, recreational riding with a more upright rider position compared to Road Bikes.


Bikes with short-travel front suspension forks for light-duty recreational riding.


Bikes designed for urban environments with features that accommodate bicycle commuters.


Bikes designed for a comfortable, upright riding position with stable handling.


Compact bikes with small 16-24" wheels and short wheelbases optimized for taking up less space when multimodal commuting.


Bikes designed to carry heavy or bulky cargo an integrated platform.

Bike Polo

Designed for the sport of bike polo, including traditional and hardcourt disciplines, these are sturdy, single-speed bikes with geometry tuned for quick handling.

BMX/Dirt Jump

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) and Dirt Jump bikes ranging from traditional 20"-wheeled race and street bikes to larger-tired cruisers.

Kids Road

Road bikes for small people, typically using smaller diameter 24" wheels.