City and Utility Bike


Bikes designed for spirited, recreational riding with a more upright rider position compared to Road Bikes.


Bikes with short-travel front suspension forks for light-duty recreational riding.


Bikes designed for urban environments with features that accommodate bicycle commuters.


Bikes designed for a comfortable, upright riding position with stable handling.


Compact bikes with small 16-24" wheels and short wheelbases optimized for taking up less space when multimodal commuting.


Bikes designed to carry heavy or bulky cargo an integrated platform.

Bike Polo

Designed for the sport of bike polo, including traditional and hardcourt disciplines, these are sturdy, single-speed bikes with geometry tuned for quick handling.

BMX/Dirt Jump

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) and Dirt Jump bikes ranging from traditional 20"-wheeled race and street bikes to larger-tired cruisers.