Managed Brands

Bike Insights offers complementary tools to help you manage your brand's data on our site. These tools are available for brands of all sizes and are a breeze to use.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Edit your brand’s bikes and geometries including those submitted by users
  • Publish and unpublish data to control what is visible to users
  • Mark bikes as "Verified", preventing any further modification by users
  • Verified bikes will be visually distinguished with a badge and a Learn More link directly to a page of your choosing on your website
  • Enter new bikes as Private while under development or embargo, then publish them at a later date with one click

In addition to helping new customers find out about your bikes, our comparison tools and insights make it easy to help guide customers and retailers through choosing the best matching bike in your catalog.

To apply for access, please contact us from an official email address and let us know which brand you are authorized to represent.

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