What is Bike Insights?

Bike Insights provides the cycling community with independent, data-driven insights about bike design. Our tools make it easy to search for bikes and compare them using powerful yet intuitive resources like our bike-on-bike comparison tool.

Insights Powered by the Community

Understanding bike design is about more than just comparing bike geometry numbers. We provide insights about the relationship between rider and bike and how categories influence designs to give you a more complete understanding of how a bike will work for you.

Bike Insights is powered by community support. Here are a few easy ways to pitch in:

  • Create a profileBy joining our community, you’ll receive a personalized experience with insights tailored just to you.
  • Add bike geometriesAdd bikes that aren't yet listed or add your own private/custom geometries and get comparing!
  • Report your experienceSupport the community by leaving feedback on the bikes you've ridden.
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Data Quality

We take data quality very seriously and are working hard every day to improve our database. We work with bike companies to establish best-practices for getting the most precise, accurate, and complete information out to cyclists. See somewhere we can do better? Please leave us your feedback!

Managed Brands

Bike Insights offers complementary tools to help you manage your brand’s data on our site. These tools are available for brands of all sizes and are a breeze to use.

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The Team

Zach Hale

Zach Hale is a software engineer and avid cyclist from Seattle, WA. As his relationship with bicycles developed, he became incredibly confused and at the same time fascinated with bicycle fit and handling. Now he's working hard to build tools to help others navigate the confusing world of bicycles.

Though once a full time technology based nomad, Zach now satisfies his wanderlust by balancing long distance on-road and off-road bike touring with riding around the Seattle area and having picnics in parks.

When not cycling and building cycling-related tools, he likes to do other foot-based outdoor activites, drink tasty beverages, and, well, tinker with bicycles. It's an all-encompassing hobby.

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Dan Stroud

Dan Stroud is an Austin, TX based analyst specializing in data visualization. He left the tech world in 2018 to focus his efforts on exploring bicycle design through data science.

As a cyclist, Dan is of the slow-but-steady persuasion and can most-often be found astride a fat-tired steel bicycle. Recently, he’s expanded into mountain bikes, track bikes, and e-bikes just to keep people guessing. He is an avid adventure cyclist, always looking forward to the next trip into the backcountry.

When not riding or pondering the mysteries of bike geometry, Dan loves photography, writing, and spending time with his wife Kat and their dog Turbodog.

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