Top Tube Slope

What is Top Tube Slope

The angle of the top tube slope in degrees where 0 indicates a perfectly horizontal tube, a positive number indicates a tube that rises from the seat tube to the head tube, and a negative number indicates a tube that falls from the seat tube to the head tube. While top tube slope is typically thought of as cosmetic, it can be useful to help us generate a more precise diagram of the bike's geometry.

Calculations may be estimates

When calculated, Top Tube Slope may be an estimate that varies in accuracy depending on the geometry information that's available.

On Bike Insights, we only draw bikes if we have enough information to accurately represent all important points of the bike to render accurate comparisons. Since top tube slope is uniquely low impact and displayed for informational purposes only, we may estimate top tube slope using less precise reference points. If estimated, top tube slope will most of the time be slightly over-estimated.